Q: How does Smart Moves work?

A: Smart Moves is powered by AI technology that analyzes your lesson objectives and generates a comprehensive lesson plan with suggested activities, resources, and assessments. You can then customize the plan to meet your specific needs.

Q: Can I edit the lesson plan generated by Smart Moves?


A: Yes, you can easily edit, add, or delete activities and resources to the lesson plan, and the software will automatically adjust the plan accordingly.  You can also modify the AI prompts to regenerate content and add modifiers to change existing content.  You can also "old school" edit the content with a text editor.

Q: Is Smart Moves suitable for all grade levels and subjects?

A: Yes, Smart Moves is suitable for all grade levels and subjects. The software analyzes your objectives and offers suggestions that align with your goals.  The knowledge base is extremely wide!

Q: Will the AI fully write a complete plan for me?

A:  Maybe, but it's unlikely it will be completely appropriate out of the generator. Humans are still in charge and it is up to you to read, modify and enhance the text that was generated for you.  It really depends on the subject matter and how good your initial prompt was, that dictates how well the first version comes out, but fear not, we provide all the necessary tools to enhance what you have and produce an exceptional lesson plan.

Q: How much does Smart Moves cost?

A: The pricing model for Smart Moves, is a pay as you go model, meaning you only pay for what you use.  The amount you pay up front determines which features will be available to you amongst our bronze, silver and gold levels.  You will just need to top up your account when you run out of credit, but if you have bought a particular level you will maintain that level regardless of your balance.  There is a $1 per month maintenance fee for all credit balances.

Q: Is Smart Moves user-friendly?

A: Yes, Smart Moves is designed with teachers and coaches in mind and is very user-friendly. The software is easy to navigate, works on all device sizes and is customized to meet your needs.

Q: Is Smart Moves secure?

A: Yes, Smart Moves is secure. The software uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your data.  We do not store your credit card information this is collected through a 3rd party (Stripe).

Q: Can I access Smart Moves from multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can access Smart moves from any device with an internet connection.  It is optimized both for desktop and mobile use.  You can save the app to your mobile home screen.  It is fully functional in either desktop or mobile mode.  There is no requirement to download from an app store, simply use the 'Add to home screen' link or on an IOS device save it to your desktop.

Q: Is there a free trial available?

A: Currently, we offer users a credit when they sign up.  This is more than enough to generate a few lesson plans.  However you will not be able to access all of the features as a free user.  Our bronze subscription is only $10 and will allow you to generate a lot of content.

Q: Once I have paid and used the platform can I get a refund on my remaining balance.

A: Nope, when you pay for a subscription level or top up your account, you gain access to our advanced features and also receive a credit balance equal to (or more than) the amount you have paid.  However this is not a dollar value owed to you, and will not be refunded if you stop using the platform.  Smart Moves has a pay as you go model which is much more affordable and fair than a monthly subscription, but the upfront fee you pay is used to pay for our servers and fund future development.  The AI generators we use costs money for every use and we use your credit balance to pay for this and to ensure everyone on the platform gets a fair go.

Q: Can I sell my content to other users?

A: Absolutely Smart Moves is optimized to do exactly this.  You have full control over your content between private, free and paid levels.  If you setup a paid plan you can set a "view price" and a "copy price".  The view price allows users to view and download your plans, while the copy price allows users to make a full copy of your plan and edit it in their own folder.  You are in control, we also implement an easy tipping system where people can tip you a small amount after using your plan.  

Q:  How do I get paid for my content that sells?

A:  Your earnings are recorded on your account and can be viewed on your profile.  You can request a payout when your account goes over $100 USD.  You can be paid out to a credit card (less credit card fees), or via DD in New Zealand and Australia.  You can also opt to transfer your earnings to your credit balance.  

Q:  how do I create public content and can anyone see my content

A: You can control if your plans and programs are private, free or paid for.  If you elect to share your content with free or paid for then it will not be instantly shared, we have to have our moderator team check it out first.  Usually this is a fast process, once approved it will appear in the plan library.